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Preston Fresh Seafood is a family owned and operated Seafood Retail located in Smithfield, Cairns.

We have a huge selection of seafood from Fresh Fish, Prawns, Oysters, Bugs, Lobsters, Ready to cook seafood, House Smoked Seafood, delicious Homemade Takeaway Meals plus so much more. We fillet our fresh fish and shuck fresh oysters here on premises.​

There is really something for everyone - whether you're in the mood to whip up something amazing in the kitchen or simply take one of our meals and reheat at home for ultimate convenience.


The business was established in 1993 by our parents Max and Francoise Pantacchini originally trading under the name Pantacchini’s Gourmet Foods, then Pantacchini’s Seafood Wholesale. Max & Francoise moved to Australia in their early 20s to work in the hospitality industry here in Cairns. It was then that they saw the need for a Seafood Wholesaler who would supply the region with top quality seafood.

The company started off as a two-person operation. Within five years, Max and Francoise had built up the company and employed over 45 staff and had five blue trucks supplying seafood to over 200 customers ranging from Cape York to Townsville as well as Interstate and International.​

They also opened a retail shop opposite the James Cook University for 5 years. All of this took place whilst both their daughters where under the age of 5.  

Throughout the years, Max and Francoise have built a reputable name for themselves in the seafood industry. In fact, they supplied seafood to her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II on her visit to Cairns in 2002.

After running the show for 14 years, Max and Francoise sold the renowned business in 2007 and moved South to work as seafood contractors for 6 years.

As fate would have it, in July 2013 they came back to Cairns. Since then, Max & Francoise and daughters Davina & Dorine alongside Davina's husband Patrice have worked tirelessly around the clock to bring the company back up to its renowned standard.

The business was re branded to Preston Fresh Seafood, but it still is the Pantacchini Family.

All coming from a hospitality background, they bring a large component of that into their work, having great respect for their produce and a passion for food creation.  

Preston Fresh is the largest Seafood Retail Shop in Cairns. There have been some massive renovations and expansions throughout the years to stock the largest range of seafood.

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Thank you for supporting our family business. It means a lot to us.

The Pantacchini & Perna Family

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