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We have adapted to the current times and our very own Patrice & Max (whom are professional Chefs by Trade) have whipped out the Chef Jackets and are cooking up the following Homemade dishes!


​Seafood Dishes: ($12.50 ea*)

• Creamy Salmon & Mushroom Pasta

• Seafood Laksa with Rice

• Scallop Mornay with Rice

• Spaghetti Marinara 

• Seafood Fried Rice



• Crab Lasagna - $12-$15 (per piece) + 50c for sauce


Please note - All dishes are while stocks last! As this is new for us, the menu may slightly change so that we can gauge what everyone is liking! Please note that as the dishes change, prices may be subject to change as well. Photos may vary as we are continually making new meals!

Customer feedback 🤩 Thank you all for your continued support ❤️

”Seafood laksa last week was amazing  😋  loving all the new meals”

”We’ve enjoyed Preston Fresh take away meals the last couple of nights. Thanks guys! Totally delish! Xxx”

”Yum!! Scallop mornay was amazing 🤗”

”We’ve just enjoyed Homemade Takeaway for dinner. Loved it all but the scallop mornay was the bomb! ❤️❤️❤️”

 “I was there the other day, bought 4 different take aways...oh boy it was delicious!”

 “Thanks for your quick service today... also every step of your PPE requirements. My family have enjoyed the meals .. Laska , Scallop Mornay Asian Barrimundi ... Congratulations”

 “Had one on the weekend....soooooo good. Eat them up people!!”

 “The prawn and calamari stir fry was absolutely beautiful 👌”

 “Every take away meal I picked up was absolutely delicious 😊 thanks guys”

 “Just had the prawn & calamari stir fry, it was delicious! Thank you 💜”

 “Had the spaghetti marinara and squid salad delicious”

 “Patrice’s crab lasagna was delicious!!! Yum yum yum”

 “Delicious calamari salad! Yum! Thanks x”


“The meals are amazing!!!!”



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