Did you know that we have a Certified Commercial Kitchen on Premises?


Our very own Chef is busy behind the scenes cooking up homemade takeaway meals for you to take home and enjoy!  Meals range from $12.50! 


The Menu!


Ready to Eat:

  •  Tuna Tataki - $12.50 ea 


Simply Reheat & Eat:

  • Panang Salmon Curry with Rice Noodles - $12.90 ea

  • Seafood Laksa & Rice - $12.50 ea

  • Creamy Salmon & Mushroom Linguine - $12.50 ea

  • Patrice's Homemade Crab Lasagna! Prices vary per piece but on average are $9-$13 per piece! $2.50 for Crab Lasagna Sauce 



 *Please note - All dishes are while stocks last! The menu may slightly change as we determine what our customers are enjoying the most! As the dishes change and evolve, photos may vary and prices may be subject to change.


Customer feedback!

Thank you all for your continued support ❤️


  • ”Seafood laksa last week was amazing  😋  loving all the new meals”

  • ”We’ve enjoyed Preston Fresh take away meals the last couple of nights. Thanks guys! Totally delish! Xxx”

  • “The laksa was sensational 🦐”

  • ”We’ve just enjoyed Homemade Takeaway for dinner. Loved it all ❤️❤️❤️”

  •  “I was there the other day, bought 4 different take aways...oh boy it was delicious!”

  •  “Thanks for your quick service today... also every step of your PPE requirements. My family have enjoyed the meals .. Laska , Scallop Mornay Asian Barrimundi ... Congratulations”

  • “Had one on the weekend....soooooo good. Eat them up people!!”

  • “I bought 'Tuna tataki '& salmon today.  I just had Tuna tataki & it was delicious 😄Salmon for dinner tonight!”Will come back again.  Thank you 😀

  • “Every take away meal I picked up was absolutely delicious 😊 thanks guys”

  •  “Patrice’s crab lasagna was delicious!!! Yum yum yum”

  • “The meals are amazing!!!!”

  • That Tuna is the bomb, went to Prestons yesterday, so many goodies to choose from, the new shop is amazing and the produce fresh, we will be back ! 😍😎😆”

  • “I got the seared tuna from @preston_fresh_seafood_cairns!And I couldn't even wait until lunch time to eat it 🤣😍🤤 .”

  • “Just had this for dinner , delicious!”

  • “We had the Tuna Tataki for lunch and bought Scottish Smoked Kippers to make Fishcakes for dinner. Both delicious 😄”



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